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EASL Basic School of Hepatology: Course 5 - Hepatitis B and C: Molecular Virology and Antiviral Targets

1. 12. 2009, J. Galský

      We are pleased to announce that the preliminary program and online application form for the EASL Basic School of Hepatology Course 5, are now available online.


      The focus of this course is on Hepatitis B and C: Molecular Virology and Antiviral Targets. It will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, February 25-27, 2010. The aim of the EASL School is to educate the next generation of hepatologists and for this reason, the School is limited to students/ trainees.

Course Directors:

  • Darius Moradpour, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Jörg Petersen, Hamburg, Germany

      Call for applications deadline: Thursday, January 7, 2010.

      Accepted participants will have their accommodation in a single room on bed and breakfast basis covered for 2 nights. In addition, their travel (train or economy return flight, up to an amount of €600) will be paid by EASL. Reimbursement will be made after the School.

Online Application Instructions:
      Please prepare the following:

  • Full name of applicant
  • Full contact details of applicant: address, telephone, fax, email
  • Participation at previous EASL Schools of Hepatology
  • Training
  • Positions (current and past)
  • Research / Clinical Research interest/s
  • List of publications / abstracts
  • Abstracts presented to EASL
  • 2 letters of recommendation (BMP, GIF, JPEG or PDF)
  • A copy of ID with birth date clearly marked (BMP, GIF, JPEG or PDF).
  • EASL Membership number (if applicable)

EASL Membership
      Preference at the EASL Basic School will be given to EASL members. If you are an EASL member, please have your membership number available to complete the form. For EASL Membership information, please visit: https://easl.multiregistration.com/ Please make sure to provide all of the requested information otherwise the application will not be considered.

      The EASL Basic School of Hepatology 2010 is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from EASL Premium Sponsor

EASL School Secretariat:
Kenes International | 1-3, Rue de Chantepoulet | P.O. Box 1726 | CH-1211 Geneva 1 Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 908 0488 | Fax: +41 22 906 9140 | E-Mail: school@easl.eu

      Please visit: Application Form and Programme

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